From Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Soulful, Motown vibes

Amber Eyes

Amber Eyes is a 25 year old singer songwriter living in Los Angeles, California.

Her sound is reminiscent of Amy Winehouse and Melissa Etheridge. Her goal is to bring music back to a soulful, Motown, organic era.

After a full rebrand back in August of 2017, Amber has released multiple singles and in February of this year got surprised by Glamour Magazine when they revealed that Katy Perry herself had watched a cover she had done of the pop stars tunes.

If that alone wasn’t enough, the video of the big reveal went out on Glamour’s YouTube channel and since has generated just under 7 million views!

With Amber coming back into the music scene with her eyes forward and ready to take on the world, it seems this positive mindset has been giving her all the she could have asked for.

In March, Amber had the pleasure of doing/releasing a cover of Halsey’s hit “Bad At Love” with the ever so talented Scott Bradlee and his Postmodern Jukebox. Following this release Amber then proceeded to go on tour throughout the US with the group for a three week tour stretch!

Needless to say, Amber is going full speed ahead so be sure to stay on the look out and to stay tuned for all upcoming releases.