From South Korea
Genre: Cultural Korean Fan and Drum

Hiza Yoo Korean Dance Institute

Hiza Yoo Korean Dance Institute: 

 Since I was 4 years old in Korea, studied Korean traditional dances with Mrs. Baeck Bong Kim and Mrs. Soon Sung Kim who are nationally renowned Korean dance instructors and with intangible human cultural assets such as Mrs. Sun Young Kang and Mr. Mae Bang Lee. To preserve the Korean heritage by teaching traditional Korean music and dance.  In addition, I created innovative and modern movements and styles to appeal to a diverse audience living in the 21st century. Ever since I came to 1972, Our group performed more than 350 times at various places such as Air Forces also for Korean War Veterans.  Received more than 40 certificates of appreciation from the various organizations including Obama President Volunteer Service Award, L.A. City, Councilman Mitchell Englander, LACMA, Pacific Asia Museum, Korean Cultural Center, L.A Zoo, Disneyland, Kennedy Center, Libraries, Korean Festival, Adult Care Center, Northridge Festival, Veteran’s Hospital, CSUN, UC San Diego, etc. . You may visit my web site:  Go to Youtube and check under Hiza Yoo, you can watch some of our performances. I am currently the director of Hiza Yoo Korean Dance Institute (f.1999) and Chum Mani troupe.